Do You Know Someone Who Needs Inpatient Rehab


Do You Know Someone That Needs Drug Rehab

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether an individual has problems with drug abuse and addiction. In most cases, a drug addict will work hard to hide their drug use problems from others, and they may even be able to do so quite convincingly. Some family members have been shocked to learn of their loved one’s extensive drug abuse and addiction problems, simply because they didn’t even know that drug use was occurring in the first place. What’s even more disturbing is that while a drug abuser or addict works hard to hide their drug problems from others, they also often believe that they don’t actually have a drug problem at all. It will take support and encouragement from family members and friends to recognize that they do have a problem and that they need help. Extending this support and encouragement to another first requires that one recognizes when someone needs drug rehab.

Signs That Someone You Know Needs Drug Rehab

An individual will initially turn to drug use in response to some problem they have encountered in their life. Drugs are chemical substances that cannot actually solve any of the physical, mental or emotional problems the individual has. What they can do is effectively suppress the undesirable symptoms of these problems, and even stimulate desirable sensations in the user. When the individual decides that drug substances help them in some way, they have reason enough to continue their drug use.

After some time, the human body can grow to tolerate drug substances, which means it no longer experiences the same effects as a result of drug use. Since it was the substances’ ability to suppress undesirable sensations and stimulate desirable sensations that drove the individual into drug use, they often solve the new problem of tolerance by taking larger quantities of drug substances. Eventually, the constant interference with normal functioning causes the body to establish a new normal that includes drug use. This is the condition known as drug dependence, and is often marked by powerful cravings and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. An individual who is suffering from drug dependence will compulsively continue to use drug substances despite all adverse effects, and will have no control over their drug use habits. Such an individual is rarely able to resolve their drug problems on their own, and needs professional rehabilitation treatment in order to effectively address and resolve the many causes and effects of drug use.

Even when an individual attempts to hide their drug problems from others, there are still some very basic signs that they are suffering from drug abuse or addiction and need rehabilitation treatment, including:

Sudden and dramatic mood changes. Many individuals who suffer from drug abuse and addiction problems exhibit sudden and dramatic mood changes, including bouts of anxiety, depression, irritability and anger.
Poor performance at work or school. When drug abuse or addiction is occurring, the individual’s every thought and action normally revolves around how to obtain, use and recover from drugs. This, along with the damaging effects of drug use, can cause the individual to perform poorly at work or school.
General poor health and constant health problems. Drug abuse and addiction causes extensive health problems both directly as the chemicals alter and affect body organs, systems and functions and indirectly as the individual neglects their health needs in order to prioritize their drug use. As a result a drug abuser or addict often suffers from extensive and serious physical illnesses.
Symptoms of withdrawal. When an individual who abuses or is addicted to drug substances stops taking these substances, even for a short period of time, they often experience withdrawal symptoms like tremors, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, headaches and general malaise.
Poor personal hygiene and appearance. Taking care of one’s personal hygiene and physical appearance is not of much importance to a drug abuser or addict, so they may often appear dirty and unkempt and wear wrinkled, dirty or tattered clothing.

When one suspects that someone they know is suffering from drug abuse and addiction problems and needs drug rehabilitation treatment, the worst thing to do is nothing. The individual may deny that they have a problem or that they need help, but the truth is that they need someone to firmly demand that they get the help they need and support them throughout their recovery.