Do You Need Inpatient Rehab


Do You Need Rehab

The descent into drug abuse and addiction can be so gradual and subtle that the individual himself may not even be able to detect it. The individual initially takes drug substances in order to deal with some problem in their life, and they continue to take drug substances when they decide that they are helpful. At first they may participate in sporadic and limited drug use, but when they grow to tolerate drug substances they often find that larger quantities of drugs are necessary in order to produce the same desired effects. This becomes the individual’s primary focus, and as soon as they step over the threshold into drug dependence it becomes their only focus.

While family members and friends feel that the damaging effects of drug use are shockingly obvious, the drug user himself may be under the impression that drugs are helpful and necessary, and do not interfere with their ability to function normally in their life. In fact, it can sometimes take the full damaging effects of drug addiction for someone to finally realize that they need to make some changes in their life, and at that point it can be a harder and longer road to recovery. It is therefore very helpful to know the basic signs and symptoms of addiction, in order to detect whether one needs to participate in drug rehabilitation treatment.

Signs That You Need Drug Rehab

You experience withdrawal symptoms after you stop taking drug substances. Depending upon the type of drug and the length of use, withdrawal symptoms can vary from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful and even life-threatening, and may include nausea, vomiting, headaches, mood swings, blurred vision, insomnia, shaking, anxiety, depression, irritability, diarrhea, increased heart rate and blood pressure, seizures, respiratory depression, heart failure, coma and even death. If you are drinking alcohol or taking prescription painkillers like Vicodin or OxyContin and you experience any sort of withdrawal symptoms, it is especially important to seek medical help immediately as withdrawal from these substances can lead to severe and sometimes even dangerous symptoms.
Your health has worsened considerably since you began using drug substances. This can include liver and heart problems, cancer, memory loss, heart disease, brain damage, skin and dental problems, sexual performance problems, psychological problems and more. It is especially important to seek professional rehabilitation treatment if your doctor has indicated that you need to stop taking drugs in order to preserve your health.
You have lost your job and your relationships as a result of drug use. Drug use can strain relationships and make it difficult for you to perform normal and expected duties. If drug use has taken enough of a priority over your life that you have lost your job and relationships as a result, you need to seek professional rehabilitation treatment.
You are experiencing constant financial problems as a result of drug use. Once drug use has become enough of a priority that you are no longer able to pay your rent and basic bills, you have stepped over the line into drug abuse and addiction and need to seek help through treatment services.
You are unable to stop or even limit your drug use. If you find yourself making promises about limiting or stopping your drug use, and you are excusing patterns of excessive drug use by saying that “It won’t happen again,” or “It was a special occasion,” it is quite possible you are suffering from drug abuse and addiction problems and need help.

Drug abuse and addiction problems do not have to take over an individual’s life. Rehabilitation treatment can and has successfully helped many people overcome their problems with drugs, and restore their ability to live a healthy, happy and productive future. Recognizing that one has a problem and needs to make a change is the first important step.